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According to terms and conditions mentioned below, which cover all materials published on the website and are considered in their entirety binding terms and conditions for usage of the website, the website customers shall implicitly and automatically comply with these terms and conditions. Advantage Wireless, at its sole discretion, may make any amendments to any of the terms and conditions set out in the conditions for using the website and its services at any time it deems appropriate. Therefore, we urge the user to read the terms and conditions each time they browse our website to peruse any amendments that may be made.


Use of our website does not grant or guarantee to the user any right to its contents, for example: reserved copyright, trademarks, designs , photos, audio and music material and content, clips and videos displayed, and written texts . Such contents are exclusive right, which is the sole property of Advantage Wireless, or of third parties with whom Advantage Wireless dealt for the mutual benefit of both parties. You are not entitled in any way to use the website or its contents, reproduce the same, gain profits from, or link or make reference to it in other references except after obtaining written clear explicit consent issued by Advantage Wireless.

Your Account and Registration Requirements

In order to be able to purchase products and services, you should register and create your own account:

If you are under 18 years, you may browse our site. However, you may not get website membership and may not register on our website. Advantage Wireless has the right to conduct more checks to verify the user’s age and cancel the account of any member who is below 18 years along with commitment to settle their financial accounts once the account is closed.

Correct and accurate information should be provided including name, date of birth, e-mail address and other details as required during the account creation process. As a parent or guardian of a minor who is under 18 years old, you can allow them to use your account provided that you shall remain completely responsible and accountable for any use of theservice by such minor through your account.

In the event that a user registers as a business or government department, their business enterprise or government department shall be committed to all conditions set forth in this Agreement.

No member or organization shall be entitled to open two accounts at the same time for whatever reason. The website management shall have the right to freeze both accounts or cancel one of them with commitment to settle all financial transactions related to the account before closing it.

Upon submission of registration application for membership on the website, you are required to disclose specific information and select a user name and password to use the same when signing in into the website. Upon acceptance of registration application, you will be considered as a member of the website and thus you have agreed to the following:

1.    You shall be responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your account information and password and identifying people permitted to access and use your website account. Therefore, you agree to immediately inform Advantage Wireless about any unauthorized use of password, account or any other hacking of your confidential information.

2.    Advantage Wireless will in no way be liable for any loss incurred by you directly or indirectly, morally or materially, as a result disclosing information about username or password. You will be responsible for maintaining serious and credible use of Advantage Wireless website and for any other person who obtains access to your account to accomplish services or for other purposes using the username and password whether or not authorized by you.

3.    Advantage Wireless shall treat your personal information and contact addresses as strictly confidential.

4.    In the event that applicant for registration represents business enterprise, they should provide all required information and documents that include your business license and other documents of the business and/ or documents evidencing the responsibility of any person acting on your behalf.

5.    In case of failure to comply with any of the above terms, Advantage Wireless management shall have the right to suspend or cancel your membership and block you from accessing the website. We also reserve the right to cancel any unconfirmed or verified accounts or operations or accounts that remain inactive for long time.

6.    Advantage Wireless Company has the right to claim for compensation in the event that your use of our website is offensive to the website mission, operations or business reputation or otherwise harmful to its customers and their personal data whether the abuse is as a result of intentional or unintentional act. 

Shipping & Delivery

We seek to create the best shipping experience for mobile phones and accessories from our store directly to you! Advantage Wireless provides delivery service across Canada. All you have to do is to ensure that the address details are accurately entered. Orders after 3 pm Atlantic Time will be shipped the next day.

Returns, Replacement, and Cancellation

Goods purchased via Advantage Wireless website may be returned, replaced, and cancelled under the following terms:


Products may be returned within (5) days of the delivery date to the corporate address. In this event, customer has to attend customer service Department in the company and notify the return of order timely.

Products to be returned or replaced must not be used or defective, and in their original packaging.

No returns will be accepted if goods are opened or not in their original condition.

Customer Service Officer will receive the goods against order return receipt. In this event, you will be refunded for the paid amount in the same method of payment upon purchase.

Website gift coupons may be obtained also for the same paid amount, which grant you purchase chance again from the website.

No goods purchased during promos, sale campaigns, or special events may be returned.

Advantage Wireless website may refuse to replace or return goods whose nature, characteristics, or method of packaging does not allow replacement or return.


All products sold via Advantage Wireless website may be replaced with new product in the corporate headquarters if workmanship defect is established or the service center is unable to repair, provided the product is still under warranty period.

In the event of damage, misuse of product, or customer mistake, product will not be replaced, but it may be repaired upon your responsibility for specified charges, which will be instructed to the customer.

In the event that same model is not available on website, you may select another model and pay the difference. However, warranty will continue unchanged for the new product.


Customer may cancel an order unless products issued from our stores. Customer Service Department will contact the customer to confirm delivery date.

If you desire to cancel an order after confirmation, or if you will not be available in the indicated address, your membership will be suspended for maximum (3) months.


Where any product you purchased via Advantage Wireless website needs repair, please contact Customer Service Department, and we will direct you to the applicable steps for completion of repairs.