Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is eligible?

All active employees / members of the listed organization.


I already have TELUS services; Can I switch to this great offer? 

You are only available to switch to an EPP plan when activating a new line, or renewing an existing line with less than 6 months remaining in a 36 month contract, or less than 3 months remaining on a 24 month contract.

If you are switching from you current TELUS plan to a corporate account there is a $50 fee. 

If you have an existing TELUS account and would like to upgrade your phone to a new device, you must have less than 30 days left in your current contract.


Can I use my own unlocked hardware? 

These plans are only available on 24 month terms, which requires you to purchase new hardware. New hardware is available for as low as $0, and you could trade-in your old device for credit towards accessories in store.


What are the prices of the Phones on each plan?

For current pricing please contact


What other charges are there?

  • $50 processing fee at time of activation or conversion
  • Monthly 911 fees depending on Province – NS ($0.43), PEI ($0.70), NB ($0.40), AB ($0.44), SK ($0.62)
  • Shipping Charges (Free in store pickup)
  • Paper Billing ($3.00/month)


Can I transfer my number to TELUS from another provider?

Yes, almost all numbers are eligible to be transferred to TELUS from other cellular providers. We will require the account number from the current service provider when activating.


How many phones are allowed per account?

Each employee is available to have 1 EPP account with up to 5 lines. Each phone would require it’s own plan. I.e: 4 Smartphones = 4 x $70 = $280. 


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us below