• Using VoIP Phone Service to Drive Business Growth

    You may not think of your phone service as a tool that can grow your business, but it is. If you use VoIP phone service, you could drive your business growth to new levels. Here’s what a VoIP phone service can do for your business.

    Reduce your costs

    VoIP phone systems have very low startup costs. Minimal equipment, much of which your business probably already has and uses, makes integrating a VoIP system easy. Because phone services are integrated with a broadband network, your business phone bill could be reduced drastically. As far as maintenance costs are concerned, these are minimal, limited only to maintaining your VoIP equipment, unless the service provider covers this cost, which saves you even more money.

    Improve employee productivity

    You may not think about how much your phone service impacts productivity, but it does. Consider the fact that when your communication is all done one one device--calls, emails, faxes, texts--your employees can access and respond more quickly.

    If you have employees who are constantly on the go, the nature of a VoIP phone system makes it an ideal choice for your business. When employees can access customer data, take customer calls, and tackle work tasks from any location, they can be more productive and efficient, which is great news for your business.

    Provide better service to your customers

    There’s a reason why standard phone systems are slowly becoming a thing of the past. They’re unreliable, more expensive, and very limited in what they do. If you rely on a standard phone system in your business, you’re at the mercy of the telephone company in regards to line quality and even service availability. As older phone lines begin to need more frequent maintenance, you may find that your service is impacted, inconveniencing not only your business, but inconveniencing your customers, too.

    Business technology is changing, and the truth is, older phone systems just can’t compete with the benefits that VoIP technology can offer. Integrated communications systems mean smoother interactions for your customers and easier accessibility for your employees. The result of the combination of these two is a great customer experience that will help your business grow.

    Contact Advantage Wireless and find out more about how using VoIP phone service can benefit your business.

  • Protecting Your Privacy on Your Mobile Devices

    privacy-on-mobile-devicesMost people keep their entire lives on their mobile devices. From photos of family members and friends to banking details and business records, your mobile device is an encapsulation of your personal and business information, but many people aren’t taking the right precautions to keep this data safe. Here’s how you can keep your privacy on your mobile devices wherever you go.

    Set a passcode

    This is the simplest way you can preserve your privacy in case you lose your phone. Surprisingly, many people don’t do this, but leaving your phone without a passcode is a bad idea.

    Without a passcode, anyone who picks up your phone has access to everything on it, from your personal contacts to your banking information. A simple PIN number can stop thieves or nosy people from getting this information, so be sure to set one as soon as you get your mobile device.

    Never opt to remain logged-in

    If an app offers you the ability to be always logged-in, decline it. Should someone get hold of your device (and it’s not locked with a passcode) they would have complete access to that app and any sensitive information inside.

    Only download apps from trusted sources

    Just because an app exists, it doesn’t mean you should use it. Stick to the main app retailers for your apps and be wary of any that ask for lots of personal information to set up an account. Be especially wary of any banking apps that repeatedly require you to enter your bank details in order for you to access your account information.

    Even if you use trusted apps, be sure to keep them up-to-date. Outdated apps can have vulnerabilities that hackers can use to gain access to your information, so set important apps to auto-update.

    Be cautious with email

    If you wouldn’t click on a suspicious link in an email on your computer, don’t do it on your mobile device. You could still fall victim to viruses and malware on your phone, so use common sense when dealing with email from unreliable sources. Consider installing a security application to scan your device for spyware and malware so you can stop these problems before your privacy becomes at-risk.

    Talk to the staff at Advantage Wireless for more tips on keeping your privacy on mobile devices.

  • Organizing Your Business on Mobile

    business-on-mobile-devicesYour mobile device can be one of your business’s greatest tools. With a good data plan, a reliable mobile device, and the right apps, you can keep your business organized when you’re on the go. Here are some tips to help with organizing your business on mobile devices.

    Track your mileage

    A smartphone with a GPS can be a useful tool for keeping up with all the miles you clock while driving from meeting to meeting. MileIQ is one of the most well-known and trusted mileage tracking apps. It logs the miles you drive at the push of a button, saving you time and the hassle of having to log the miles manually.

    Trip Log is another great mileage tracker app that allows you to track the instant you start driving. If you need to know how many business miles you’re clocking up every month, or if you want to see exactly how much you’re spending on petrol during those business trips, these apps are ideal. You may need to adjust the measurements and currencies (the apps are aimed at a US audience, but should be easy enough to convert to Canadian measurements), but it’s worth the slight hassle for the easy tracking.

    Project Management

    Need to coordinate your employees on a project, but won’t be in the office for a while? Apps like Asana are perfect for that. Asana is a project management tool that lets you track work from start to finish, even when you have lots of people involved in the process.

    The Cloud

    Need access to a document on your computer, but you’re miles away and only have your mobile phone? Use cloud-based apps like Google Docs, Evernote, or OneNote to store editable copies of documents so you can work from wherever you are.

    Keep track of receipts

    If you have tonnes of receipts to keep up with every month, NeatReceipts can help. Simply scan in your receipts using the special scanner, then watch as the app translates them into searchable documents you can save for your records.

    Visit Advantage Wireless to find more ways to keep your business organized while on the go.

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    Here are 5 things you need to do if you are ready to start your own business in Nova Scotia:

  • Benefits of Choosing Koodo in Halifax

    Kooo_omarIf you’re looking for a new mobile phone or are ready to switch from your old carrier to a new one, Koodo could be the best choice for you. There are loads of reasons why you should make the switch to Koodo. Here are just a few of the benefits Koodo customers can expect to enjoy.

    Comprehensive coverage, just like ‘the other guys’

    Koodo runs on Canada’s largest 4G/LTE coast-to-coast network, just like all those ‘other’ cellular service providers. The Koodo network covers 99% of the population, so no matter where you are, Koodo has you covered.

    Amazing customer service

    Koodo thinks customers are awesome. That’s why JD Power ranked them highest in customer satisfaction in a  customer care survey. If your carrier thinks customer service is something you should pay extra for, come to Koodo, where you’ll be treated with the awesomeness you deserve.

    No Fixed-term contracts

    You shouldn’t feel like you’re married to your mobile phone carrier when you get a new phone. That’s why Koodo offers the Tab, a clever way to spread the cost of your cell phone over twenty-four months. You can pay as much down as you like, the split the rest, which is added to the cost of your monthly plan. Monthly plans are priced low already, but once your phone is paid for, the cost simply drops off, making your monthly cost even less.

    Shock-free Data

    No one should fear their phone bill, and with Koodo, you don’t have to. No more ‘data shock’ from unexpected overages. Koodo sends you alerts when you’re nearing your data limit, then pauses your data service until your next billing cycle. Or, you can opt to add more data on the spot, right from your phone.

    Koodo offers the service, value, and flexibility that you need with the great customer service that you deserve. Switch today and see for yourself why Koodo is a great choice.

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    Contact us to learn more today.

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